The Secret Bunker 3

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The Secret Bunker 3 The Secret Bunker 3

by Paul Teague

Genre: Other

Published: 2014

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A ravaged planet. A formidable enemy. And now something deadly is lurking in space …The Earth is burning, the result of vicious sabotage on the terraforming programme that was meant to save it ...  Two hundred nuclear weapons have been launched at key targets across the planet ...  An alien species is gathering warships while the world sleeps, unable to defend itself ...  A ruthless cybernetic army is about to erase all traces of life in the bunkers, controlled by their Queen ...  And a genetic timebomb is ticking in the bodies of the only people who can put an end to this deadly assault.  Dan Tracy must face his worst fears as he stares his new enemy directly in the eyes.  But only one can survive the final battle in space, only one will make it out alive ...  Buy Regeneration to finish humanity's biggest battle today!What readers are...

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