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Black Point Black Point

by Sam Cade

Genre: Other

Published: 2020

Series: Jake Montoya

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GREED. VENGEANCE. MURDER.That's what's facing America's richest trial lawyers. It's all because of billboard shyster Wild Bill Burnham. He rakes in millions every year and doesn't care how he gets it. Now he's sued the wrong person. A MIT trained computer wizard and a deadly ex-navy special operator are now on a rampage to rip every dime from Burnham's bones. But they're not stopping there. They want $100 million and they know the lawyers who have it. Zeus is digitally cunning. Lucky is a methodical killer. They both have a flair for the dramatic. Together, they are exceptionally dangerous. The FBI has placed their own dangerous gunslinger on the hunt to find them, Jake Montoya, the current leading killer in the FBI.Tens of millions of dollars will race around the globe in a sophisticated scheme of bank wires and cryptocurrency. Then the money goes dark. Gone. YOU CAN'T RUN. YOU CAN'T HIDE.WE'RE COMING!

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