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Twice Told Tales Twice Told Tales

by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Genre: Fiction

Published: 2004

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The Gray Champion Sunday at Home The Wedding-Knell The Minister\'s Black Veil The Maypole of Merry Mount The Gentle Boy Mr. Higginbotham\'s Catastrophe Little Annie\'s Ramble Wakefield A Rill From The Town Pump The Great Carbuncle The Prophetic Pictures David Swan Sights From a Steeple The Hollow of the Three Hills The Toll-Gatherer\'s Day The Vision of the Fountain Fancy\'s Show-Box Dr. Heidegger\'s Experiment Legends of the Province House: I.--Howe\'s Masquerade II.--Edward Randolph\'s Portrait III.--Lady Eleanore\'s Mantle IV.--Old Esther Dudley The Haunted Mind The Village Uncle The Ambitious Guest The Sister-Years Snowflakes The Seven Vagabonds The White Old Maid Peter Goldthwaite\'s Treasure Chippings With A Chisel The Shaker Bridal Night-Sketches Endicott And The Red Cross The Lily\'s Quest Footprints On The Seashore Edward Fane\'s Rosebud The Threefold Destiny

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