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The Essence Of Life The Essence Of Life

by Tom Morris

Genre: Nonfiction

Published: 2014

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An experimental psychologist delves into the mysteries of the human subconscious. What he discovers unleashes a new and terrifying threat to the sanity of mankind.A Quirky, Snarky Urban FantasyGilmore Girls meets Supernatural! Werewolves and ghosts and magic, oh my!When travel writer and werewolf Ashlee Scott returns to her hometown to recuperate from a shooting, she must confront a place full of painful and pleasant memories while dealing with her identical twin sister Amber and the complications of family. Throw in the full moon, old boyfriends, old ghosts and new enemies, and Knightsbridge Canyon will never be the same for her again.MoonRise is a New Adult Paranormal/Urban Fantasy story of werewolves, witches, ghosts and vampires, family, pack and kin.The Supernatural Siblings series:MoonRiseMoonFallBloodMoonMore to come!

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