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A Peachy Mess A Peachy Mess

by Wendy Meadows

Genre: Mystery

Published: 2017

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Momma Peach is at it again. When she decides to travel west with Michelle to look into a case involving a missing friend, the last thing Momma Peach expected was to be trapped in a small, dusty town in the middle of the desert with a deranged killer and...oh, give her strength...a tarantula spider named 'Old Mac'. At first, the town seems nice enough and things appear normal. But then a dead body turns up and a dark storm arrives, trapping everyone in town with the killer. But Momma Peach ain't afraid of no killer, baby. No way. And she doesn't like to be threatened either. So Momma Peach decides to tackle the case head on.But when the storm begins to cause dangerous flooding and dark secrets begin to unfold, Momma Peach is thrown into a horrible current that tests her wits and courage. And to make matters worse, a tired family shows up before the storm arrives with a hot-headed teenager and two very tired children who are unaware a killer is running loose. With no other...

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