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Strings Strings

by Michael D. Britton

Genre: Science

Published: 2012

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A courageous sacrifice for a noble cause? Or a craven suicide pact as part of a massive conspiracy? This is the story of one man, one life with every detail pre-planned, and one perfect example of absolute power corrupting absolutely. And it'll make you think twice the next time you step into the voting booth...FIND OUT EVERY SCHEME OF THIS DIABOLIC SYSTEM. DONT BE IGNORANT OF IT. IT IS DECEPTFUL, IT IS HEARTLES, IT IS EVIL WHEN MEN REAPS WHERE THEY DID NOT SOW. DIPLOMATIC BAG, IS THRILLING, EXPOSITARY, EDUCATING.WATCH OUT HOW YOUR MONEY BECOMES OTHER PEOPLES PLEASURE-DONT BE DECIEVED, KNOWDLEGE IS POWER. KNOW EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MONEY LAUNDRY SCHEME CALLED ADVANCE FRAUD 419 FROM THIS DIALOGUE MOVIES- DONT PLAY IGNORANT OF IT... WATCH OUT NOW.

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