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Firefly Season 2 Firefly Season 2

by Travis J I Corcoran

Genre: Science

Published: 2017

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When you're a timetrader with a ship that hops sideways across millions of alternate timelines, the big money isn't in technology or science, it's in entertainment.Ask any timetrader and he'll tell you: when you've buyer, seller, and product, that's when profit happens.Now the crew of the timeship al-Din has a very rare DVD and needs to get it to the buyer.But there's just one problem...When you're a time trader - someone with a ship that can hop sideways across the millions of alternate timelines - the big money isn't in technology or science, it's in entertainment. There are some universes where George Lucas didn't die on the set of American Graffiti but instead went on to make a space fantasy classic. In other universes there's a movie called "Dune" by Jodorowsky. And in some there's a guy named Tolkien who wrote a sequel to "The Hobbit".Ask any timetrader and he'll tell you: put three things together - buyer, seller, and product - and that's where the magic happens.And by magic, timetraders mean "profit".Now the crew of the Sturnus-class timeship al-Din (kaiser Huck, riverman Oive, artificer Johann-stepson-twice-Friedrich, and galfreitag Ginny Mae) have all three of these things lined up, because they finally secured a copy of a certain TV show.There's just one problem, and his name is Friedrick Richter....or maybe there's more than one problem, depending on how you look at the situation, because things can get pretty complicated when timelines cross.So get yourself a stein of mead and a bowl of spiced yam sticks - or pretzels, if that's all you've got in this timeline - pull up a chair, and lend an ear to see how it all turns out.

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