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Pain & Redemption Pain & Redemption

by Kat Kenyon

Genre: Other

Published: 2019

Series: Blood and Iron Warriors

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Nothing breaks like a heart.

Or heals like love

Growing pains are hard, and can leave behind scars, but how do you fix something that's broken?

Tyler: In the moment she walked away, I know what I should have done. I can't breathe, and I'll do anything to make her happy, even let her go.

Rayne: I love him, but it takes more than being sorry to heal the cracks he left behind, and I'm dealing with a far darker threat than a broken heart.

They know what should have happened. They wish it was different. Things have changed, not just in their worlds, but in their souls. Love can survive even the hardest hit, and while not everyone deserves a second chance, some loves do.

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