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The Venice Atonement The Venice Atonement

by The Venice Atonement (retail) (epub)

Genre: Other

Published: 2019

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A tragic accident at the opera – or the murder of someone keeping dangerous secrets?While watching the opera at La Fenice, Nancy Tremayne is shocked to see a woman fall to her death. But how did this tragedy occur? Newlywed Nancy is accompanying her art professor husband, Leo, on a work trip. As she explores Italy's beautiful city on the water, she is increasingly compelled to uncover the mysterious circumstances surrounding the woman's death. Leo is adamant it was an accident but his assistant, Archie, reluctantly helps Nancy despite his seeming coldness to her. Nancy's determination to reveal the facts puts her in harm's way more than once. As she learns more about Venice's secrets she realises she may be forced to make a choice – the truth, or her life?An engaging and atmospheric historical crime novel perfect for fans of Kate Furnivall and Rachel Rhys.

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