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To the Volcano To the Volcano

by Elleke Boehmer

Genre: Other

Published: 2019

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New collection of short stories from acclaimed Oxford-based South African author that tracks lives across continents from the perspective of the southern hemisphere – its light, its seas, its sensibilities. These are stories of people caught up in a world that tilts seductively, sometimes dangerously, between south and north, between ambition and tradition, between light and dark. Her characters are poised to leave or on the point of return; often caught in limbo, haunted by their histories and veering between possibilities. An African student in England longs for her desert home; a shy Argentinian travel agent agonizes about joining her boyfriend in New York; a soldier is pursued by his past; a writer's widow fends off the attentions of his predatory biographer. From story to story we walk through radically different worlds and journeys packed with hopes and ideals. Sharp, tender, and always arresting, these exquisitely written pieces crackle with luminous insights as...

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