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Rebirth Rebirth

by Philip R Benge

Genre: Other

Published: 2012

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The destinies of four Planets are pulled together by fate. Persephone, is to be the home for five hundred new world colonists, Orion, was settled by colonists one hundred years ago, New Earth is under attack by space pirates, and the people on Genesis are dying. Four planets that rely on one man, only Tyler Burrows can see them through their ordeals, five if you count Earth.Two Aldebran spies steal the latest technology from Earth and leave a trail of bodies behind them as they escape. Two government agents are on their trail but are almost killed just as they get close. Tyler Burrows is called in to try and retrieve the technology and find those responsible for the murders that accompanied the theft. If that isn`t hard enough he must also face up to space pirates, a homicidal computer and a mad planetary leader.

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