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Be My Temptation Be My Temptation

by Ruth Cardello

Genre: Romance

Published: 2014

Series: Temptation

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What would you do if you discovered the man of your dreams was lying to you?
Would you leave him or would you make him pay?
When Kate Hale chose between two men, she picked the nice guy. He is every bit as wonderful in and out of the bedroom as she hoped he would be. Until she discovers his secret. He’s the man she wants to grow old with, right after she gives him a taste of his own medicine.
Brock Foster can’t believe how well everything has worked out. He won the heart of a woman he’s lusted after most of his life and is preparing to propose to her. When a game he thought had finished resurfaces and threatens to tear them apart, Brock must decide exactly how far he’ll go to be Kate’s Valentine.

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