Daughter of the Mármaros

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Daughter of the Mármaros Daughter of the Mármaros

by Shayna Grissom

Genre: Other

Published: 2020

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In the tallest tower of the Mármaros, Bernadette finds herself with cold feet. She is the last young female of her dying race, and the prospect of mating with the scheming High Councilor isn't exactly appealing.The people of the Mármaros are rigid and bureaucratic in all aspects of life. They would sooner release the jungle people they've enslaved than give Bernadette another option.When the alpha moon emerges for the first time in years, so does a handsome man from the jungles. He isn't like her, but he isn't like the jungle people either. Bernadette vows to return to the Mármaros and live out her duties if she can see this man just one more time.Bernadette persues the man in the jungle, only to encounter six little jungle boys. They are clever and adapt—nothing like her people said. Together they embark on an adventure that changes both races forever.

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