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Dead Inside Dead Inside

by PM Kavanaugh

Genre: Other

Published: 2021

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Operative Anika Washington is in deep trouble. During her first kill mission, she choked. Now she must salvage her reputation and convince the counterterrorism agency that promoted her she has what it takes to succeed. But is that what Anika wants? The demand for blind obedience, kill orders, and the death of a fellow recruit all test Anika's determination to do what's demanded of her. It doesn't help that Gianni Brambilla, the senior operative who claims he wants more than just a professional relationship with her, has grown distant and secretive. As Anika is drawn deeper into agency life, she questions whether U.N.I.T. is a force for good, or not. Her breaking point comes when she learns the truth about her recruitment. She starts to believe the only way she can survive is to bury her humanity and become dead inside.

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