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Hating My New Husband Hating My New Husband

by B. B. Hamel

Genre: Romance

Published: 2019

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Fake husband. Real pain in my butt.As soon as I get what I want, I'm gone.I hate Davis so much I could puke.For years I've hated him, ever since high school.Now he's back in my life, and of course he's successful and gorgeous.That's Davis, perfect Davis, with his incredible eyes and ripped body.Most women would die to lick sweat from his arms.I'd rather swallow dirt.But he says he needs my help, and he's offering a ton of money.All I have to do is one simple, stupid, tiny little thing:I have to marry him.Pretend to be his wife.Simple, right?Except nothing is simple with Davis.He's Canadian, and his enemies want him deported.So I need to trick immigration into letting him stay.Sure, totally cool, no big deal, I lie to federal agents all the time.Except I hate him so much, I can't think straight.I spend all night dreaming about his hands on my body.As soon as his lips touch mine and he...

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