A Night in Grosvenor Square

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A Night in Grosvenor Square A Night in Grosvenor Square

by Sarah M. Eden

Genre: Historical

Published: 2018

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Three Regency Romance novellas by Sarah M. Eden, Annette Lyon, and Heather B. MooreA MATCH FOR PRINCESS POMPOUS by Sarah M. EdenMatchmaker Adelaide Northrop may be embarking on her greatest challenge yet. Miss Odette Armistead has been dubbed "Princess Pompous" by Society's elite, and Odette's parents are desperate to see her married off to a respectable gentleman. When Adelaide first meets Odette, she is expecting a young lady who fits the pompous description. Instead, Adelaide discovers that Odette is far from conceited, but has chosen to wear a mask in a desperate attempt to hide her love for a gentleman who has been chosen for someone else. It seems that Adelaide has far more than matchmaking to accomplish.CONFECTIONS AND PRETENSE by Annette LyonAnne Preston dreams of opening her own dessert shop some day and saves every spare penny she earns working at Gunter's Tea Shop. She makes ice cream...

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