Merciless King (Lawless Kings, #5)

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Merciless King (Lawless Kings, #5) Merciless King (Lawless Kings, #5)

by Sherilee Gray

Genre: Contemporary

Published: 2017

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Read Merciless King (Lawless Kings, #5) Storyline:

Two years ago Van King killed a man and saved my life.I've thought about the handsome private investigator every day since, fantasized about what would happen when I finally saw him again. And when I do, it's far from the reunion of my dreams.A copycat serial killer wants to finish what I barely survived. Van rushes to my side once more, and shows me the man he truly is: protective, possessive, merciless, especially when it comes to me and my safety. He thinks I'm afraid of him. But I've loved Van from the moment his dark, enigmatic gaze met mine.This time, I won't allow my fear or debilitating shyness to rule me. I sure as hell won't hide from the heat that explodes between us while I'm under his protection. No, I'll welcome it and beg for more.

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