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Scat (Scat's Universe, Book 1) Scat (Scat's Universe, Book 1)

by Jim Graham

Genre: Science

Published: 2011

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SCAT is a 'big, intelligent, interesting novel' that readers say they found hard to put down, that the scifi enthusiast site called 'epic', 'a fun book, and a good read.' A provocative 'what if'.The sequel, ARMY of SOULS is also published on Smashwords.Whose DNA will escape a depleted Earth: yours or the one per cent’s?Who owns your new world: you or the company?And do you dare speak your mind on a world where the board owns the very air that you breathe?Welcome to Scat’s universe, where companies rule, regulators are corrupt and democracies are financially bankrupt; where one company will soon turn its back on a desperate, resource-poor Earth to build a galactic empire of its own.As powerful interests collide, one man is condemned for a murder he did not commit; a murder that kick-starts a rebellion.Join ex-Marine killing-machine Sebastian Scatkiewicz as he takes on the biggest corporation of them all in the biggest land-grab ever.For independence. For Freedom. For revenge.

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