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Convicted Innocent Convicted Innocent

by Meggie Taylor

Genre: Other

Published: 2014

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Three men disappear: one is on trial for murder, one is the copper who arrested him, and the last is a man caught between them. Set in London in 1887, "Convicted Innocent" follows the struggles of two friends kidnapped by a serial killer and their fight for survival. It is a tale of good versus evil; of fear and despair versus hope; and of ordinary men choosing the extraordinary.London, 1887. Three men vanish. One is a poor clergyman, one a workaholic policeman…and the last is a man on trial for murder.David Powell’s day is flipped head over heels when he stumbles upon an assault-in-progress, and then gets nabbed by the attackers for intervening. Clergymen aren’t supposed to have adventures like this, but David has before and has always laughed in the face of adversity.This time, however, not even his best mate’s presence can cheer him. Bit by bit, David loses everything he holds dear – until he doesn’t know where to turn to find hope in the darkness.Horace Tipple, a police detective, has hounded the Harker crime family for years. He now has a young Harker on trial for murder, and the case is strong enough to bring down all the Harkers. But the man escapes from prison, and Horace fears this will undo every shred of evidence against the family.As he races after the murderer, however, Horace begins to fear that some greater plot is afoot. Evidence suggests the young Harker’s escape is linked to the disappearance of two other men: one of Horace’s police sergeants and the sergeant’s best friend, a priest.And if Horace can’t see through whatever the game is, innocent men may die.

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