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Death Drones Death Drones

by Christopher Fox

Genre: Other

Published: 2018

Series: Kyle MacDonald

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A diabolical terrorist group. A deadly chemical attack. Can a grieving agent pull himself together and stop it?
It was a regular day in Detroit until people started dying. Bodies pile up and authorities are clueless. Eventually, the cause is traced to a drug laced with poison. What was thought to be a war between heroin dealers turns into something much worse: a plot to kill thousands of Americans.
Miguel Diaz (formally Kyle MacDonald) must rally from his grief and lead a team to thwart the plot. Can he put aside his own demons long enough to stop the attack? If not, the worst attack on American soil will happen.
If you like complex heroes, pulse-pounding action, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, this is the book for you!
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