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The Ginger Child The Ginger Child

by Patrick Flanery

Genre: Other

Published: 2019

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A raw and heart-wrenching literary memoir about a queer couple's attempt to adopt a child.But would you take a ginger child? A social worker asks Patrick Flanery as he and his husband embark on their four-year odyssey of trying to adopt. This curious question comes to haunt the journey, which Flanery recounts with startling candour as he explores what it means to make a family as a queer couple, to be an outsider in a foreign country, to grapple with the inheritance of intergenerational loss, and to discover that the emotions we feel are sometimes as mysterious to ourselves as to others.Reviews For The Ginger Child:'It is shocking, and consoling, in its honesty.' - Emma Brockes'this is a book to be savoured' - Jackie Kay'A rare, brilliant and essential exploration of adoption'- John D'AgataThis uniquely powerful book moves deftly between heartbreaking memoir and...

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