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The Trouble With Wishes The Trouble With Wishes

by Anthea Strezze

Genre: Horror

Published: 2011

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Everyone wishes sometimes - for things to be different, or easier, or better. But when a wish is granted, can you ever get what you really want? The Trouble With Wishes collects five short stories about wishes granted - or not - to amuse a being of power rather than to fulfill the wisher's desire:7,229 wordsWhat you consider to be the most ordinary about you is often the extraordinary others see in you. We commonly take our gifts for granted and inadvertently inspire others with what comes naturally to us.When the young soul Kalakas had an opportunity to incarnate to be the consciousness of a large volcanic mountain on Earth, he jeered at the offer, believing that he was going to be doing nothing.Succumbing to some gentle provocation from his mentor, he did indeed end up spending eons on Earth doing nothing.Was it going to be the most agonizingly boring life review ever when he returned to the spirit realm, or was there a lesson as monumental as the legacy of the Rock?

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