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Toxic Vengeance Toxic Vengeance

by Kaylea Cross

Genre: Other

Published: 2019

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A past poisoned by lies. Toxins expert Eden Foster was trained never to get close to anyone. She's only broken that rule twice, and each time it ended in heartbreak. Her mentor was murdered in front of her, and now the man she was forced to deceive and leave behind has suddenly become a threat. She wants justice, but the only way she'll get it is by joining forces with the only man to pose a threat to her guarded heart—the CIA contractor tasked with capturing and turning her in. Risking a second chance could cost them everything. Zack Maguire has spent his entire adult life serving his country, but this time, he's torn between duty and his heart. Eden might not be the woman he thought she was, but he refuses to accept that everything between them was a lie. If she's being hunted, he's all in. He won't sit back and do nothing when her life is on the line. As the danger mounts, he'll do anything to protect her. And when...

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