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Belated Kiss Belated Kiss

by Abby Tyler

Genre: Other

Published: 2020

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T-bone is known throughout his small town as the hot-headed, knot-bearded, long-haired old man that nobody messes with. He's also the mayor. But when his son Luke calls with the news that his first grandbaby has arrived, T-bone looks in the mirror and doesn't see a man worthy of a baby girl. So he cleans up, buys some clothes, and shocks the whole family by showing up at the hospital looking like a new man. And spots a lovely maternity nurse. Ruth has worked in labor and delivery since her husband's death nine years ago. Her full-grown daughter loaded Tinder on her phone as a joke, but Ruth isn't sure dating will ever be part of her life again. Until T-bone. Their gentle love affair is the talk of both their towns, but there's more than a lake dividing them. T-bone's a professed bachelor and owns an RV park. Ruth is from society, and spends her days running charities alongside her wealthy...

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