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American Dreams (The Idea Book) American Dreams (The Idea Book)

by John T. Butler

Genre: Other

Published: 2012

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The inspiration for this book is to revive the American Dream of home ownership (two essays are devoted to this). Six essays are devoted to dreams of a better America through changes in socio-political institutions. Six essays are roadmaps to riches. What's more American than dreams of change or schemes to get rich? The ideas were drafted to entertain and enrich both the reader and America.American Dreams (The Idea Book) is a compilation of fourteen essays, each one a dream for improving lives of Americans from all walks of life. Apropos to it's title the first two essays are aimed at restoring that most basic American Dream the dream of home ownership (which for too many was lost when the real estate bubble broke).Six of the essays (including the second) are entrepreneurial ideas that should lead many to riches while enriching the lives on many more. These ideas range from marketing real estate and yachts to new concepts in restaurants, clubs, exercise, jewelry, and prophylaxis.Six essays (including the first) are public sector ideas that run from the adoption of existing technology in our schools and prisons to new liquor laws to amending the federal constitution and even to changing the calendar week.The reader should expect to be amused by the novelty of many of these American dreams. And what could be more American than dreams of change and schemes for getting rich. If just one idea in this book sees fruition America will be a better place. For the go-getters, the embrace of just one money making scheme should make you rich.

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