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And the Tide Turns And the Tide Turns

by Timothy Dalton

Genre: Fiction

Published: 2015

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Read And the Tide Turns Storyline:

April 1986. The Cold War is nearly over.
Or is it?
Wealthy business mogul Tobias Keane is dead in an apparent suicide. Ethan Tannor, a detective on the scene and nephew of Keane, suspects something else. In his effort to prove his uncle was murdered, Ethan discovers there was more to Tobias’s past than he initially thought.
All roads point to an impending hostile takeover of the United States as Ethan finds himself in the center of something he can’t explain. Political agendas headed by a shadowy leader, and an evil force tipping the balance of power bring him face to face with things beyond the realm of belief and possibility.
When the lines of reality and fiction become blurred, Ethan embarks on the near impossible task of reshaping the world. If he fails, the battleground will be America, with new territory lines carved across the map as the victor stakes their claim.
But Ethan is determined to end it where it all began: April 1986.

*Language and violence *

And the Tide Turns is Timothy Dalton’s debut novel – an action-packed thriller that will leave readers guessing as they journey with Ethan Tannor in his quest to figure out the secret behind his uncle’s death … a quest that brings him to places he never imagined, and the discovery of his uncle’s strange connection to the unsolved mystery of The Somerton Man. Artwork by Matthew Dalton.
Be sure to stay tuned for Timothy’s upcoming new novel, On the Hitlist (Working Title), which should be released in the coming months.

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