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Immortal Respite Immortal Respite

by Brett P. S.

Genre: Other

Published: 2016

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Centuries after the collapse of his former paradise, Leon Godwin lived on through his immortality, a parting gift from a dead era. Leon was as killable as any ordinary man, but decades of living amongst ruthless wasteland survivors made him a planner. His years had done him more than that, though. With each passing season, as the dying world around him aged, Leon remained the same.This is a (68.000 words long) paranormal romance. A Bloodeater, Uriel of the Dumes, is on a mission to hunt and destroy the Shadows, creatures that pose a bigger threat to Bloodeater society than vampires. On one of the hunts he and his two friends stumble across a group of human vampire hunters. When one of them, Jen, is hurt, he takes care of the girl, never imagining that he would fall for her. But Jen hates vampires, and even though Uriel is not one of them, he is a member of the immortal race who is responsible for the vampires' creation.

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