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Eternity Eternity

by M.E. Timmons

Genre: Fantasy

Published: 2012

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She could see people's emotions. Not only in their features or gestures, but in a sheer cloud of color that clung to every person. She knew when they were happy or sad, proud or embarrassed. That wasn't all though. She could see what they were. The problem was that she didn't know what she was.Juliet always knew she was different. Not only because she could see auras, but also because her own aura was unlike any other she'd ever seen.When she enters Winterwood Academy, a school for those with magical abilities, she expects to find answers, but things aren't so simple. Books offer little guidance, and even the teachers can't explain the meaning of her white aura. When a theory finally comes to light, Juliet doesn't believe it. She can't.That's not her only problem. Her best friend Jack is in love with her, but she has her heart set on someone else. Adrian, a werewolf, is as handsome as he is dangerous. Her friends warn her away, but she doesn't listen, even though she knows there's a chance she could get hurt.The school year becomes an adventure entwined in old-fashioned balls, playing with fire, music, mysterious vampires, and challenged relationships. Through it all Juliet needs to discover not only what she is, but also who she is.

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