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Acres of Perhaps Acres of Perhaps

by Will Ludwigsen

Genre: Other

Published: 2018

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Acres of Perhaps collects acclaimed weird fiction writer Will Ludwigsen's recent and most heartfelt stories; these are tales that delve into what crime means, could a person live a different life than the one of the moment, what humanity can do about the big and small evils of the well as inspired serial killers, haunted presidents, cursed lead figurines, and a weird late-night 60s television show that meant much more to the fabric of reality than it let on. These stories are the collision of imaginative fantasy and brutal realism."...a simple conceit that works magnificently. There are no duds in this small collection, and the highlights will easily win Ludwigsen a number of new fans." - Publishers Weekly, starred review"Evocative tales of alternate realities steeped in the ethos of Shirley Jackson and Ray Bradbury. " - Kirkus Reviews"From delaying the advent of Charles Manson until the disco era to imagining a very different career path...

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