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Plastique Plastique

by Brett P. S.

Genre: Other

Published: 2015

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Sofie Rousseau, defender of the environment and resident superhuman. With powers over plastic, she tracked down dark dealings of Denmark's richest by the noses of their credit cards, but Savage Steel had other plans. Sofie will push herself to her limits in order to defeat her new foe, a messenger from Savage Steel with powers of his own.Emmella is an anxious girl. She worries about the things most of us ignore or take for granted. She believes she can see things very few people can, experience events and causal relations before they even occur. Her mother is patient with her, trying to empathize and manage Em's anxiety. She assumes her daughter will grow out of this phase; but what she's about to realize is that maybe there's much more to Emmella's perceptions than just mere anxiety. And maybe it's time she start taking Emmella's observations a little more seriously.

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