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Your God, My Gods Your God, My Gods

by B.T. Lowry

Genre: Fantasy

Published: 2016

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A chief leads a band of rebels within their conqueror's city. But when his brother becomes attracted to the enemy's religion, the Chief must choose between his brother’s life and his own revolutionary values.Two best friends, a nerd and a redneck jock, go on a trip for their summer vacation. As it happens, the nerd has discovered his Jewish heritage and is taking it up to eleven, the jock recently became a devout Muslim, and their destination is none other than Jerusalem.Religious bickering and romantic rivalry heat things up from the beginning. Then their goofy classmate, traveling with a Christian tour group, goes off the rails and declares himself to be the Second Coming. Then things get much weirder than that.Will the two friends end up penniless on the streets of Jerusalem? Will the "Messiah" get the tour group following him, or will he get himself lynched? Can nuclear war be averted?WARNING: Very irreverent and politically incorrect!

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