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Shard Shard

by John Richmond

Genre: Nonfiction

Published: 2011

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A dying coal town set deep in the hollows of the Appalachian Mountains is the scene for this compelling supernatural tale. Ancient demons from beneath the smoldering mines recruit the town's last hold-outs in their battle for dominion over the earth. The town constable and his friends will fight for their sanity, their lives and ultimately the human race.Constable McFarlan has a problem—his town’s on fire.A once prosperous mining community nestled deep in the hollows of the Appalachian Mountains, Shard, Kentucky was the picture of Small Town America. But in 1989 The Fire changed everything. A mysterious accident set the coal seam ablaze and Shard began a slow death burn. As the smolder spread beneath the streets, houses disappeared into fiery sinkholes and sulfurous smoke poured from kitchen taps. Most of the town moved on. More than twenty years later only Will Two-Bears McFarlan and a few eccentric hold-outs remain to walk its steaming boulevards and fill its once proud Victorians. But they are not alone. The cause of The Fire has awakened.Above ground, a corporate mining concern and its high-powered law firm scheme to strip away the last vestiges of humanity from the town. Below, ancient supernatural creatures will battle for dominion over Shard and ultimately the world. Caught in the middle are the people of Shard. Some will fight. Some will die. All will walk into the light.Praise for Shard by readers like you:“In Shard, John Richmond has very successfully manipulated intensity, mystery, and fun. I've definitely become a fan of his work.” --JP

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