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Hell's Canopy Hell's Canopy

by Dominick Marino

Genre: Other

Published: 2012

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This short novel follows an exciting adventure around the world as Nick Adamson is hurled into an interplanetary conflict. After being given the gift to tap into all his mental abilities he is immediately forced into a mysterious and deadly game of cat and mouse. Follow Nick on this action packed sci-fi thriller with comedy and romance all wrapped elegantly under Hell's Canopy.Hell's Canopy has a lot of my heart and soul poured into the characters. The whole book is a metaphor about the consequences of interfering or intervening on other people's problems. Sometimes helping means hurting. In the beginning of the 21 st century history will remember a volatile yet peaceful earth, yet it seems that we still squabble over resources and meddle in other countries foreign affairs. Peace takes diplomacy and war is never the answer only in defense. This metaphor is infused with my peaceful philosophy along with the idea that with education we may avoid violence unnecessarily. This book is going to be my first sci-fi series and I hope to bring the characters to life once again so enjoy Hell's Canopy and tell me what you think.

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