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The Last Bite The Last Bite

by Clair Louise Coult

Genre: Young Adult

Published: 2013

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Seren has a new job in a new town. Gabriel is the devilishly handsome Goth club DJ. They both have ulterior motives but what will happen after midnight? A short story by the author of Being Isobel and The Heaven Knows Trilogy.It’s been a year since the initial outbreak of the zombie apocalypse, and for the survivors in the suburbs of Philadelphia, everything is about to change. When a mysterious man shows up at the gate of their safe zone, proclaiming to have “a product of vital interest and importance”, more than a few residents wanted answers, including Connor. Venturing to the nearby Chemcorp facility, survivors throughout the region gather and are introduced to a chemist named Abe Morrow . . . and to a product that would change everything.

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