The Devil's Justice

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The Devil's Justice The Devil's Justice

by Chad Cull

Genre: Other

Published: 2012

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Vengeance is the Devil's Justice! When Jace Carlin's family is killed by drunken marauders, he goes on aquest for vengeance until he settles the score. With his mission complete, he finds no satisfaction in what he has done. He is alone and haunted by the violence and killing he has left behind him. When a brewing range war draws him into taking sides, he once again takes up his gun to kill.Romantic comedy with an Irish lilt (part 1 of a 3-part serial)… The year is 1975. The place is Ramhaillim Manor, a whimsical old mansion (which may or may not be haunted) on the west coast of Ireland. The girl is Sharon O’Shaughnessy, an Irish-American spitfire who has just inherited Ramhaillim from her Great-Aunt Deirdre – or half of it anyway, as Sharon discovers when she reaches Ireland and meets Rory Egan, the handsome Irishman who has inherited the other half of the house. This could be a good thing, because Sharon loves horses, and Rory is a horse breeder. Except Rory is also full of blarney, Sharon is quite sure. He’s an incorrigible rascal, and a smart girl shouldn’t believe a word he says. Sharon, of course, is a smart girl. You’ll never find her falling under the man’s roguish spell. Or will you?

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