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Forbidden Forbidden

by Evangeline Anderson

Genre: Romance

Published: 2011

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Micah and Ariel are angels and soul mates created to guard the throne room of the Almighty in Heaven. They are incomplete without each other and cannot bear to be apart. But Heaven is under attack and the forces of Hell have a plan to separate them -- by putting them together.
Using an infernal sword called the Reever, Lucifer, Prince of Demons, strips the souls of the doomed angels and sends them down to Earth to live as humans. But the moment they come together again in love and passion, they will be free of their Earthly forms and regain their celestial bodies. Knowing this, Lucifer plots to have them sent into the bodies of siblings -- Owen and Leah DeMarko.
Growing up with no knowledge of their origins, Owen and Leah are close until Leah suddenly blossoms into womanhood. Then, fearing his unnatural attraction to her, Owen cuts his beloved little sister abruptly out of his life.
So begins an epic struggle between right and wrong, desire and illicit love. For Owen and Leah know nothing of their former lives as angels or the war that rages between Heaven and Hell. They only know they must not give in to what they feel for each other for their love is forever...Forbidden.
Publisher's Note: Although Owen and Leah are not related by blood, because of the perceived illicitness of their desire for each other, some readers, particularly those with a history of sexual abuse or incest, may find this story disturbing.

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