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Unleashed: Tail One Unleashed: Tail One

by Lori R. Lopez

Genre: Horror

Published: 2011

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Would the tormented pet of a psycho, after witnessing countless abominations, begin to exhibit disturbing behavior? Find out in "Unleashed" what happens when a cat is driven over the edge and beyond the brink.Told from the viewpoints of a detective, a dog, and a villainous homicidal feline, "Unleashed" is a humorous tale of revenge and terror when an abused cat lets loose her pent-up rage after being the pet of a psycho. The kitty has witnessed the maniac's demented deeds and suffered at his hands. Now it's her turn. She's pursued by a dogged detective and a canine sleuth on this rollicking payback crime spree. From CHOCOLATE-COVERED EYES: A SAMPLER OF HORROR and OUT-OF-MIND EXPERIENCES by Lori R. Lopez.

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