A Very Ricky Sunday

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A Very Ricky Sunday A Very Ricky Sunday

by Henry Circle

Genre: Other

Published: 2012

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Teenager, Christina Begoni, unwittingly brings a marijuana-laced peach pie, made by the Grammaw of her redneck friend Ricky,to a Pentecostal church and everyone gets in the spirit. This hilarious young adult story is a "Homeschoolers" Shorty. Look for "The Homeschoolers" series in your digital book store and at fine stores nation-wide. intended for ages 14 and up.A collection of Forever Knight flash fiction stories that were originally written for the online fanzine "Watchers" between late 1995 and early 1997. Is the Devil himself walking the decks at night and what is the mysterious Cargo in the ship's hold? Nick befriends another lost soul while imprisoned in a travelling Freak Show. Nick and his friends are dreaming of death and dying. Nick and his partner Tracy encounter the ghost of his dead partner. Experience events through history from Nick's first arrival in the New World through to Jeanette paying her Final Respects in the Aftermath of so many deaths.

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