Beneath a Blood Red Moon

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Beneath a Blood Red Moon Beneath a Blood Red Moon

by Heather Graham

Genre: Mystery

Published: 2012

Series: Alliance Vampires

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IMMORTAL DANGER For more than a century, Maggie Montgomery has hidden her true nature from the humans around her. But when Lieutenant Sean Canady follows a trail of blood from a drained corpse to the door of her New Orleans boutique, the ethereal beauty realizes the comfortable life she's made for herself is once again in danger? IMMORTAL LOVE Despite her fears that her secrets are no longer safe, it's the past that could ultimately be Maggie's undoing. Sean Canady, a Civil War hero, was the love of her life. Only his memory has kept her from succumbing to her darkest urges all these years. Has the murder now brought him back into her life? Between them, they must find the truth, lest their lives and their souls be lost to the darkness she has fought for so very long. Her colorful cast of characters will engage. ? ? Publishers Weekly on Deep Midnight

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