Badass in My Bed (Badass #1)

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Badass in My Bed (Badass #1) Badass in My Bed (Badass #1)

by Rae Lynn Blaise

Genre: Other10

Published: 2015

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Rachel's life is music. She plays it, she lives it, she breathes it. And next week she'll start playing her cello with the Boston Symphony, which isn't exactly the kind of music career she wanted, but one that will make her father happy. And her happy enough. But the weekend before she leaves for Boston, she meets Dylan. Tattoos. Biceps. Killer smile. Hard cock. Total badass. It's a surprise that he'd ever be interested in her, but he is. He goes against everything she ever wanted in a man... or, thought she wanted. But it's only for one night, right?**

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