The Bed I Made

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The Bed I Made The Bed I Made

by Lucie Whitehouse

Genre: Other10

Published: 2010

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A gripping new story of obsessive love by the acclaimed author of The House at Midnight I haven't given up on you and I'm not going to. It's time to stop playing hard to get now. When Kate meets a dark, enigmatic man in a Soho bar, she doesn't hesitate long before going home with him. There is something undeniably attractive about Richard – and irresistibly dangerous, too. Now, after eighteen exhilarating but fraught months, Kate knows she has to finish their relationship and hopes that will be the end of it. But it is only just the beginning. Fleeing London for the wintry Isle of Wight, she is determined to ignore the flood of calls and emails from an increasingly insistent Richard. But what began as a nuisance becomes an ever more threatening game of cat and mouse..

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