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You're My Little Secret 3 You're My Little Secret 3

by Chenell Parker

Genre: Other10

Published: 2015

Series: You're My Little Secret

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Although he's married to Kennedi, Dominic's heart remains with Brooklyn. After finding out that Brooklyn is expecting his second child, Dominic may be ready to move on and be with the one who his heart desires. Kennedi is not going down without a fight. She's also expecting a child with her husband, and she's not letting him go that easily. Brooklyn has made it clear that she's done being the other woman, and she's no longer putting up with Dominic's cheating ways. After having trouble carrying babies in the past will Kennedi finally succeed in giving her husband a child or will this pregnancy break her heart just like all the others? Will Dominic try to make it work with his wife for the sake of their unborn baby or will he follow his heart and chose Brooklyn instead? Skeletons are falling out of the closet in this final installment of You're My Little Secret.

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