The Bear and the Bride

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The Bear and the Bride The Bear and the Bride

by Jianne Carlo

Genre: Other10

Published: 2017

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The first book in bestselling author Jianne Carlo's beloved Viking Warriors series is back, expanded and updated!Torsten, Jarl of Stjórardalr also known as the Northern Bear, glimpses Ainslin of Cumbria, a recent widow with two sons, and immediately covets her for his wife. He outmaneuvers his rival, Ainslin's neighbor Earl Sigrid, and receives the king's blessing to marry her.Ainslin fears Torsten's reaction when he discovers she's a virgin. How to explain both her maidenhead and twin sons? She leaves Mercia to marry Torsten and live in Norway to keep her boys safe.Ainslin's worst nightmares are realized when her former neighbor – Earl Sigrid – arrives in Norway for King Canute's coronation. Sigrid cannot discover the dark secret she keeps, a secret that could destroy her marriage.What does Sigrid suspect?Will Torsten cast Ainslin and the boys aside when he discovers the truth?

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