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A Time of Tyrants A Time of Tyrants

by Trevor Royle

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Published: 2011

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In this book acclaimed military historian Trevor Royle examines Scotland’s role in the Second World War from a wide range of perspectives. Throughout the conflict the country’s geographical position gave it great strategic importance for importing war matériel and reinforcements, for conducting naval and aerial operations against the enemy and for training regular and specialist SOE and commando forces. Scotland also became a social melting pot with the arrival of Polish and numerous European refugees, whose presence added to the communal mix and assisted post-war reconstruction. The role played by women was also essential to the war effort: for the first time they were conscripted and worked on the land, in forests and in munitions factories such as the huge Rolls-Royce complex at Hillington. In addition to the important military aspects – the exploits of the Army’s renowned 15th Scottish, 51st Highland and 52nd Lowland Divisions in Europe and North Afric...

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