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Double Teamed: Sharing Jenna Double Teamed: Sharing Jenna

by Lexi Rush

Genre: Other10

Published: 2015

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Jenna and Luke are looking to spice things up. Over the past ten years, their lives have become vanilla. They’re both white, live in a rural (code word for white) house, both have white-collar jobs, and their sex life has descended from any-time-we-can to every other Saturday. In a nutshell, their sex life is plain vanilla. That is until they decide to add some chocolate. Dark chocolate. They both share a fantasy of an interracial MMF tryst. Luke “recruits” Devin, a good-looking black man who plays on his club basketball team. And Devin is more than willing to double team Jenna. As everything seems to fall into place—the line between fantasy and reality blurs—see how everything turns upside down (pun intended). This is a sizzling erotic tale of interracial adventure with wife sharing and plenty of steamy action. It is suitable for mature adults (over 18) looking for adult entertainment. This is based on a true story. **

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