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Vanishing Act Vanishing Act

by Bill Kitson

Genre: Other10

Published: 2015

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The third volume in the best-selling Eden House Mysteries. Adam Bailey and Eve Samuels are back, and this time they're trying to find a dead man. In 1965, Northern Lights were the next big thing in the music world. They could've been as huge as The Beatles – but one night their lead singer and creative force, Gerry Crowther, suddenly disappeared without trace. Now it's nearly twenty years later. There are new stars on the pop scene, including teen sensation Trudi Bell. When Trudi's manager is offered a song for her new album, he's convinced that the performer on the demo tape is none other than Gerry Crowther. Sure that there's more to it than just musical similarities, he enlists Adam and Eve's help in finding the truth. But some people don't want the truth to come out...

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