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Where the Wind Leads Where the Wind Leads

by Dr. Vinh Chung

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Published: 2014

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Back Cover:"The account of Dr. Chung and hisfamily will inspire you to believe in second chances and miracles and the Godwho gives them both."-Max Lucado, New York Times best-selling authorMy name is Vinh Chung.This is a story that spans twocontinents, ten decades, and eleven thousand miles.When I was three and a half yearsold, my family was forced to flee Vietnam in June 1979, a place we had neverheard of somewhere in the heartland of America.Several weeks later my family layhalf-dead from dehydration in a derelict fishing boat jammed with ninety-threerefugees lost in the middle of the South China Sea. We arrived in the UnitedStates with nothing but the clothes on our backs and unable to speak a singleword of English.Today my family holds twenty-oneuniversity degrees.How wegot from there to here is quite a story.Wherethe Wind Leads is the remarkable account of Vinh Chung and his...

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