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Before We Fall Before We Fall

by Courtney Cole

Genre: Contemporary

Published: 2013

Series: Beautifully Broken

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Sometimes, one dark moment is all it takes to turn your world black. . . For 24-year old Dominic Kinkaide, that moment took place on the night of his high school graduation. One dark incident changed him forever. He's a hardened actor now, famous in the eyes of the world, but tortured in his own. He doesn't care about much of anything, except for losing himself in the roles that he plays. 23-year old Jacey Vincent doesn't realize how much her father's indifference has affected her. She is proof that sometimes it isn't one specific moment that wrecks a person, but rather it's an absence of moments. She's like a bird with a broken wing-strong yet fragile, as she tries to float through life, finding acceptance in the arms of random guys, one after the other. . . to fill the void that her father left in her. Until she meets Dominic. After jaded Dominic and strong-willed Jacey are thrown together, his secret and her issues create a dark and damaged energy that will soon turn their attraction to each other into an explosive storm. Even though when the clouds have cleared and the dust has settled, both of them are almost obliterated. . . they've learned a priceless lesson. Sometimes, before we fall. . . we fly.

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