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Golem Golem

by Gary J Byrnes

Genre: Mystery

Published: 2015

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Amid the horrors of a Nazi concentration camp, a prisoner evokes the memory of Golem.Easter time again, and Wonka has allowed another Duffel story! With my illustrations too.... This time round Duffel is to be transported from that magical level two down to the seaside, where he has yet again another easy peasy quest (according to that Mr Watkins) and of course has the magical powers thanks to his coat to assist. The quest is now to rescue a beloved cat living rough at the famous Palace Theatre; will Duffel have enough magic to resist his encounter with the strange Madame Fortuna, and the ever present CPO? and is there to be a happy reunion with Sam, the dog he rescued on his last successful mission? Do read this new story and find out! Happy Easter to you with lots of love from me and Wonka x

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