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Confessions of an Essex Girl Confessions of an Essex Girl

by Becci Fox

Genre: Fiction

Published: 1998


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'This book contains flash blokes, glamorous girls, expensive cars and false boobs. The tans may be fake but everything you read really happened.' Becci Fox is an Essex girl through and through. She just wants to be comfortable and spoilt, taken out to nice places and showered with presents. And she is. She lives in the grounds of her parents' manor house, drives a Mercedes SLK and had a boob job when she was eighteen. She's ambitious, working hard during the day as a bridal buyer. And at night she plays hard, clubbing at Sugar Hut and Faces, mixing with celebrities and soap stars. She knows how to handle the footballers who buy you Cristal champagne and make you feel like the most special person in the room (only they've got five other girls on speed dial). But when she falls for a sexy racing driver, is she finally out of her league? Becci shares six dramatic months in her life as she and her friends have fun, fall in love, handle heartache and betrayal, and even plan a big...

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